Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to get people involved?

As I mentioned in my last post, we would love to have as many of our friends and family involved in the wedding on the day as we can. We think that way it just makes the day so much more personal and special. We just don’t know how to ask.

I know that if someone asked me if I wanted to help out with their wedding I would be delighted. I don’t want to assume that everyone else would be as delighted as I would to help out though. I know we can say “If you are interested in helping out with our wedding…”, but I think 90% of people would say yes even if they didn’t actually want to help out, and that’s not the idea of getting people involved.

We came straight out and asked our Dad’s if they would drive the cars and asked the best man if he would MC. Our best man thought about it for a few days before giving us a response, which I’m very happy about because I now know he’s not just doing it out of obligation, it’s something he decided he wanted to do. I just don’t think that everyone would do that if we straight out asked them though.

How would you get/have you got people involved?


  1. Hmmm... for the Aussie wedding, our friend is baking the cake (he's a baker, so, well...), we're having different family members do readings, my boss is going to MC. I'm sure there is more!

    It is tough to ask though. I've gone by the rule of, if I'm not sure whether they'd like to, I won't ask.

  2. I think that's what we might do. There is one person in particular that we will ask to do something because I think she will really like to. At first I was thinking 'but if we ask her and someone else finds out we asked her to help out but didn't ask them they might get offended'. But hey, if they ask us why we didn't ask them we can always explain and if they want to help out there is a massive list of things that people could help out with!