Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A weekend of achievement: groom’s getup

We were meant to be hiring the groom’s suit. He had one picked out and everything. The plan was that we would pop in on the weekend and book it in. Then on Friday he came home and let me know that he wasn’t sure about hiring his suit anymore. He was thinking he’d rather buy a new one. He’d had a look in David Jones and they had some on sale. I won’t go into the reasons for wanting to buy, but we decided that over the weekend we would go and check out new ones.

There were only two potentials to try on. The first one was a poor fit on him… and then there was the second. Damn! He looked damn fine in it but we didn’t buy it straight away. He was still unsure whether to buy a new one or just hire one.

We went to another David Jones a little later in the day and he tried it on again. Drat, the sleeves were too short. I looked at the tag on it and realised that it was a size 36 short, not regular… but they didn’t have any regulars. We asked the store guy if they had a 36 regular at their other WA stores (we weren’t sure if the one we had seen that morning was a short or a regular) and there was none in WA. Frick!

We wandered off to think about it. Maybe we could just get the sleeves taken down. He called his Mum and she said that if there was enough fabric she could do it. More pondering followed.

We went back to David Jones to ponder further. His sister called while we were there and I mentioned our little issue. She suggested that we could ask if there were any in Sydney and if there was his other sister, who lives in Sydney, could go in and get it. Brilliant idea! Turns out there were none in Sydney in that size – damn, damn, damn. Then the store guy, who hadn’t seen the suit on, asked to see it on. Turns out that you have to look at all these other things for fit because the sleeves are the easiest things to alter and apparently all these other things fit perfectly. So we bought the suit! Yay!

The next day we were back at the shops again on a mission for a shirt and shoes. He was just after a white shirt (with a little bit of pattern, not straight white) but it was proving hard to find one small enough due to him being a skinny little bugger a small build. We found what we thought was the perfect one on a sale rack. It was exactly what he was looking for and fitted perfectly. We took it to the counter and then he realised that there was dirt on it. Bah! We went back to see if we could find another one in that size but it was the only one. Usually we don’t care about a bit of soiling with sale items, but this was the shirt that he would be wearing to our wedding! We went to the counter again to ask if they might have another one somewhere. The lady said she’d knock another 10% off the shirt… taking this $75 shirt down to $45. We were sold. A bit of nappy san or a trip to the dry cleaners should sort it out. Shirt sorted!

Next came the shoes. The ones that he picked out were semi-boots. Now I’ll be honest, my reaction was ‘those things look like boots. You aren’t going to wear boots to our wedding are you?’ Bridezilla much?! I said he should try them on anyhow and they actually looked really good. Under pants they don’t look boot-like anyhow. So we got the shoes.

Groom’s getup is sorted!

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