Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hens' Night Invite - Excited!

Today I got home to a little black envelope in the mail. The lovely calligraphy of my maid of honour and the little 'kiss' sticker on the back could only mean one thing - hens' night invite!

My lovely bridesmaids did such a good job at making the invites. I love the wording too;

Amy L____ R_____

is getting tied up... we mean tied down!

So bring your furry handcuffs and silk ribbons, and help us celebrate Amy's last few days as a single girl with her:

Burlesque Hens' Night

*details of when and where *

Dress: Sexy... think lace, silk, leather, feathers, and fishnets!

*more details*

There is plenty of street parking; please don't come down the driveway or you risk the wrath of Lydia's riding crop...

Lots of room to stay over, just let us know in advance.

Kisses, Demure Dani and Luscious Lydia

I have to say that I am now very excited about my Hens' night. Should be good fun!

Who else is looking forward to their Hens' night? Any ideas what your bridesmaids are arranging?