Thursday, June 24, 2010

A weekend of achievement: the photo guestbook

Okay, I am back from insanity…. for now.  Time to get back to the fun, exciting, yay we have actually achieved something stuff.

There are so many options for guestbooks out there. We eliminated most of the options by being fussy. We didn’t want a traditional guestbook because we knew we would stick it away and it would never get looked at. Given that reason, the next logical option would be a signature tree or a signature photo frame. We didn’t want a signature tree because we want messages, not just signatures. The signature frame was vetoed for similar reasons, plus even if we got one big enough for actual messages, I don’t really like the look of them. I googled heaps of options but none of them were quite right so I came used a few ideas together to come up with my own – which my fiancé loves too!

This is what I incorporated into our guestbook:
  • My love of photobooths. The budget doesn’t stretch to a professional one though and I’m not sure how a DIY one would work because how small our reception venue is.
  • My wish to have an ‘interactive’ guestbook that people might actually get excited about.
  • Our wish to have a guestbook that we will have on display in our home after our wedding.
  • Our wish to have a guestbook that will also be on display at the reception.
So this is what we will have (logistics of exactly how we’ll work it still need to be sorted);
  • People will write their message to us on a blackboard (I will make up/buy some of these).
  • They will take a photo of themselves holding up the message on the blackboard (we might not be able to have a nice backdrop though because of the size of the reception venue. We will see. Also not sure how we are going to go with lighting)
  • There will be a digital photo frame on display.
  • At intervals throughout the night we (well, probably someone else) will upload the photos off the camera to the frame.
  • At the end of the night we will have photos of all our friends and family with their lovely messages in our photo frame that we will display in our house!
I’m pretty keen on the idea of funny props to get people more into it but we’re not sure on this one yet.

Anyhow, this idea we’ve had for a while so what did we achieve on the weekend? We bought a digital photo frame. It was easier said than done because I generally HATE digital photo frames. I hate the plastic, I hate the little sensors on the front. I don’t know why, I just do. We managed to find one (on sale) that has a wooden frame and no little sensor on the front – perfect! It’s nice and big (10.4 inches) so hopefully the messages will be big enough to read.

I’m excited! It should make for lots of fun on the night!

Image from The Nichols Blog

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  1. That sounds fab; we got our ushers to take pics of everyone then each guest answered questions I had stamped into a book. I printed out the photos at home on my pogo printer then stuck then beside the guests messages.