Thursday, June 17, 2010

From polka dots and sunshine to hail spots and snow...

Originally I wanted to have a polka dot wedding dress and yellow wedding shoes. This isn’t going to happen due to difficulties in finding what I want. Rather than a polka dot organza overdress, I will be having a hail spot tulle overdress. Rather than yellow wedding shoes, I will be having white wedding shoes (perhaps with a yellow bow if I decide to do it). I’m not overly disappointed about this, but I would still like to incorporate some beautiful yellow into what I will be wearing.

Now how can I do this? I like bows, I will be wearing a dress, I need to add some colour…. Hmm….. I need to make a sash for my wedding dress – duh! How hard can it be (touch wood)? Wish me luck on my sash making adventure!

What personal touches did you add to your wedding dress?


  1. Good luck! I don't think a sash should be hard to make at all, just use nice material and you'll fine. I'll probably end up making something similar for myself!

    I saw some gorgeous flower shoe clips on Etsy the other day and thought of you, but forgot to save the link =/

  2. I have decided you should buy the dress in the bottom set of pictures here:

    Okay, great :)

  3. Wow - that dress is just wow. God I wish I could actually buy it!