Sunday, July 11, 2010

As quite as a mouse

I just wanted to pop by and apologise for my lack of blogging of late. I am still alive and I will be back and blogging soon. Between planning a wedding, buying land, moving rental houses (finding somewhere, packing, cleaning, moving), keeping up my gym routine, working full time and still having a life I'm finding it a bit hard to fit blogging in at the moment. I'm still trying to keep up to date with reading all your blogs though. I promise I'll be back soon!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Handicraft Mania – Lovebirds

I've been so busy rambling on about other stuff lately that I haven't had time to post any of my Etsy finds.
I love this vase oh so very very much. It's adorable! I hope someone I'm close to gets engaged soon. I think it would make an awesome engagement present.

Lovebirdies Vase from Red Hot Pottery's Etsy store.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The groom has seen the dress *gasp*…

I am so fed-up of people saying ‘it’s your wedding, do what you want’ and then giving us looks when they find out what we are doing. Sometimes I just want to yell at them a little. But I don’t. Maybe I’ll just go all passive aggressive with the non-married ones and give them ‘oh, you can’t seriously be doing that looks’ when their turn comes around. Seriously though, there’s only so much judgement I can take before I start thinking that maybe we are doing this all wrong.

In particular, I get sick and tired of the looks people give us when they ask or realise that Justin knows what my wedding dress will look like. He helped me pick out the pattern for it. He went fabric shopping me. He pinned me into the mock-up and took photos for me. He pinned me into the lining when we did a fitting for it. Hell, he even helped pin some of the lining to the interfacing. I’m sure there will be many more times he will be involved in the making of the dress too.

I just don’t understand what is so wrong with all of this. I get why the groom usually wouldn’t see the dress, but at the same time I don’t get why people can’t be open minded enough to at least consider the way we are doing things before passing judgement.

We were talking about it the other night, and we both think it’s more fun that we are both involved. It is fun going over to his Mum’s house and lend a hand where we can. We also feel that it even makes it a bit more special that he has been helping out with it.

Am I the only one that thinks that this whole groom seeing the dress thing isn’t the biggest no-no in the world of weddings?