Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Heavenly Heels (Or should that be 'Devil Heels'?)

So it turns out that when you go into wedding shutdown mode and stop caring you make progress.

I had given in to the idea of having to pay a lot for wedding shoes and was going to start hitting all of the bridal shoe shops in another month or so… and then I saw them. They are white, which is not what I wanted, however they are the style that I wanted and have a white bow on the front that I am considering either replacing with a yellow one or dying yellow. Wanna know the best part? They were only $50! (I’m a classy girl, they are from Spendless Shoes). 

Now I just have to learn how to walk in heels again. I never used to wear heels very often, but 2 years ago I started having foot problems which resulted in an operation and I haven’t touched a pair of heels since. My feet just aren’t used to them and felt like they were going to snap off.

Heel Breaking in Progress – Day 1: 
Walked around like a cowboy and managed to hack it for ten minutes.

Hopefully by the wedding day I’ll be able to strut like a supermodel in them and wear them for 8 hours straight.

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