Sunday, June 20, 2010

A weekend of achievement - we have bridesmaids dresses!

What a productive weekend we had. We got so much wedding stuff achieved that I'm actually going to have to post this all spread over the next week or so. I think that this weekends achievements almost puts us back on track with where we should be at according to all of the to-do lists! Big yay!

I'm going to start off with the bridesmaids dresses. On Friday I actually typed up half a post about how hard it was to find bridesmaids dresses.... Well, I can delete that one now and instead show you all our lovely bridesmaids dresses. :)

They are so pretty. They are light pink with a navy blue floral pattern on them. They are a really flattering shape too, which ensures that the girls will look smokin' hot and won't be too horrified to ever look back over the wedding photos again. This also means that we now have a colour scheme - yellow, light pink and navy blue. No idea why we need a colour scheme and what we will do with it but it seems that everyone else has a colour scheme so I want one too dammit!

The only bad point for these dresses is that it was my fiancĂ© that  found them. I know there is no way that he is EVER going to let me forget that it was him that found the bridesmaids dresses.


  1. oh they're pretty, I'm sure your girls will like them. Where'd you find them?
    Ok I tried to hold it in, but I am SO jealous that you can now cross "bridesmaid dresses" off your list! I thought that would be one of the easy things to do... oh how wrong I was!

  2. They are gorgeous. I love patterned bridesmaid's dresses so much. Yay for you (and your 'maids)!

  3. luc - they are from Myer. Got them in the stocktake sales.
    I also thought that bridesmaids dresses would be easy but it didn't turn out that way. There were plenty of picture messages sent while we were on the hunt because we were all keeping an eye out for anything that would suit!
    If you get really stuck and have a big budget I'm sure you could easily find something in a bridal store.

  4. They are so awesome! oh the shoe choices they will have! and how cute is your Mr finding them :)