Thursday, May 27, 2010

Six Months – Eeek!

Holy fudge balls. I will have a husband in exactly six months!

I’m excited about this…. until I look at the to-do list. According to Easy Weddings, we are 8 to-do items behind where we should be at this point. Doesn’t sound that bad right? Wrong – we have only checked off 23 items apparently and counting quickly how many are left on the list I think we have around 85 more things to do.
Six months out and we still have big things left to do that need doing ASAP like; book a cake lady, book a florist, buy/book grooms outfit, book/buy groomsmen outfits, find and buy bridesmaids dresses, find and buy me shoes, book cars… ARGH!
Then there are all the other bits like deciding on the invitation design, making invitations, putting our ceremony together, making centrepieces, finding a cake topper, finding hair accessories… the list goes on forever.

I’m sure it will all come together but I think we need a big burst of progress soon!

PS. I apologise for my lack of blogging of late, and my lack of reading/commenting on others blogs. I’m having an ‘I don’t want to plan a stupid wedding’ few weeks. I’m sure in another week or so all of my enthusiasm will be back and I’ll be blogging like crazy again.

1 comment:

  1. The six months will fly by!

    Dont worry about the silly checklists, they are so random!

    We only booked our cake lady with 5 months to go and our florist at the same time. Wouldnt worry about shoes either but I would start looking for the dresses & grooms outfit; in case things need made etc.