Thursday, May 6, 2010

Etiquette Shmetiquette

How many people these days still follow ‘proper’ wedding etiquette? I know we’ve given it the finger in terms of inviting people. I believe how it’s meant to go is that you invite the same people to the engagement party, ceremony and reception.

Throwing etiquette out the window started when we were writing up the engagement party invite list. We made a list of everyone we wanted to invite, which was more people than we knew we’d be able to afford to have at the reception. The ‘correct’ thing to do would have been to cull the list down to those who would be invited to the reception, but that seemed a bit stupid to us. We had written those people on the list for a reason – because we wanted to celebrate with them. We decided to have a BBQ for our engagement party so that it meant that we could invite everyone we wanted.

Naturally, we also want all of these people to celebrate our wedding with us - so they will all be getting an invite to the ceremony. We are going to have to limit our reception to about 50-60 people because we can’t afford to have one of these receptions with heaps of people, so not everyone is going to get an invite.

We have been invited to the ceremony only of a wedding before. I think it was great that they were able to have as many people as they wanted celebrate with them without breaking the bank. I never expected to be invited to the wedding so I was really excited that I actually still got to witness their marriage and celebrate it with them a little.

I’m still a little worried though that someone might get offended. I just hope that people think about it for a minute and realise that, if for instance they receive an invite to the ceremony only, it’s not that we don’t like them, it’s because it was the option that we took to ensure that we could celebrate with as many of those that we love as possible!

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