Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Handicraft Mania - Blue and Yellow Rosette Hair Clip

I am officially an Etsy whore. I am still yet to make a purchase, but every week I find loads of things I want to buy. I thought that it was about time that I start sharing some of my finds rather than being selfish and keeping them all to myself. I'll do it one at a time every week or so I don't overload the page with pictures! Maybe you can buy some of them and I can live vicariously through you.

First cab off the rank is this amazing blue and yellow hair clip. I want it so bad but it just wouldn't look too good next to my gold & diamond earrings. The yellow makes it happy and the blue could be your something blue! It's on RaynaJaye's etsy store (Sweeeet - I just clicked on her shop homepage to get the link and she has 20% off until May 26th... damn, now I want it more!).


  1. For $12 I'll buy it today!

    Well, I would, if I wasn't saving for weddings :(

  2. It is so cheap isn't it. I'm peeved that it's just not to be for my wedding.
    Ah well, it does feel good to share it with the world and delete it from my bookmarks folder. Can't wait to slowly blog up more of my awesome finds and then delete them too - it's kind of like letting go in a way. lol.

  3. You could always buy it to wear the day before the wedding or the day after or on your honeymoon?

    This coming from the girl who bought a hair clip on etsy just because but did wear it the day after the wedding and on honeymoon. I already had a tiara & veil so clip wouldnt have worked for the wedding.

    I spent so much time and money on etsy up to my wedding; got the bridesmaids jewellery; bags for the bridesmaids; hair clip & earrings for me and also cufflinks for the best man / ushers.

  4. You almost convinced me then Gaynor! I was a few clicks away from it and then I looked at the current exchange rate and realised that unless the Aussie dollar starts doing better again I won't be making any Etsy purchases in the near future :( Nooooooooo.