Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Groovin’ Boys

The groomsmen attire has finally been decided upon! After some nagging a few gentle reminders from me, my dear fiancé has weighted up all the options and decided what he would like his groomsmen to wear. He asked the boys and they like it too, so it’s a winner!

It’s gonna be similar to the picture below but they probably won’t have the casual shoes (shame, I know) because if they wear casual shoes, the groom should wear casual shoes too and it's possibly not going to go with what he is wearing. Regardless, they are gonna look super groovy!

Groomsmen Getup Inspiration:

Meanwhile, the groom will be rocking it Obama style - tie free and unbuttoned:

The other great thing about the groomsmen outfit is that we can incorporate colour via the tie… and ties come in every colour. This means that we can pick the bridesmaids dresses without worrying too much about colour and then just get ties to match!


  1. Love love love the casual style for guys. Looks hot!

  2. I agree! He did such a good job at picking. I also love that he has decided to wear something different to the groomsmen. It seems pretty much standard that all the boys wear the same thing and the groom just has a different coloured tie or something.... but I get to wear a completely different dress to the bridesmaids so why shouldn't he get to wear something completely different too!