Sunday, May 23, 2010

When Plastic Seats Might Not Be Enough

I don’t know what we should do in terms of decorating for the ceremony.

With no pictorial influence this is how I feel:  
We are getting married at Amanda’s Garden, which in my opinion is already beautiful enough. They have about ten seats that we can use for older guests. I think they are green plastic ones, but this is cool with me. I would prefer it if everyone could have a seat but hiring them isn’t that cheap & is an unnecessary expense. Anyhow, I’m sure that people can suck it up and stand for the ceremony because it should only be a short one.

But then I google and I see all these beautifully decorated ceremonies and I get ceremony envy. I worry that green plastic seats aren’t classy enough. I worry that people will get shitty if they can’t sit down. I think that maybe we should create a beautiful aisle.

If you’re having a garden ceremony, what are you doing for decorations and seating?

Top Picture: From Erin Browne Photography
Insert Picture: From The Knot
Bottom Picture: From Elizabeth Anne Designs


  1. We're doing a beach ceremony and we're only having 10 chairs. That's all we're allowed. People aren't going to mind, civil ceremonies are short anyway.

    I went to a religious ceremony outside and stood for that, it was totally fine. I didn't even think about it.

    I think the people around you will make the ceremony beautiful, they are the best decorations!

  2. I would recommend having some sort of aisle. I went to a wedding in a park that was standing which was fine but when the bride was coming the celebrant had to get everyone to move to each side then during the ceremony everyone kinda merged again and then the photographer had to ask everyone to move so it was kind of awkward. The flower petals look gorgeous even if you just had two lines and none in the middle to save money.