Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buying Shoes Online = Fail

My shoes arrived on Monday. They would be great… if they weren’t lime green (a very pale one but still green)! I’m not really fazed by it - I knew that it was a risk buying online and there was a good chance they wouldn’t work out, but at the same time I didn’t expect them to be green. I went back through my emails and in my exchange with the lady I definitely stated yellow several times and the picture that I attached could not be mistaken for green. In her defence, in certain light (including in these photos) they do look kind of yellow so maybe where she works just has very poor light.  


  1. Okay no, there is no way someone can try and pass that off as yellow. Any luck with getting a replacement, or are they flat out refusing?

  2. I wasn't even going to bother... I was semi expecting the worst given I was buying them online from China anyhow. I'll hopefully get some wear out of them anyhow... under a pair of jeans I reckon they'd look awesome :)