Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blooms of Sunshine

Well, now I have my hair and make-up trial booked in I've decided it's time to turn my attention to flowers.
At first this seemed like a simple task. Find a picture of flowers I liked, get quotes off some florists, book a florist and it's all done. The more I think about it the more I realise how wrong I was. I've found many lovely pictures but then come the questions - what type of flower is that? Will it be in season in November? Are they expensive? Should we get corsages for the Mum's? Do the groomsmen need 'buttonholes' (they are just wearing shirt so would it look stupid just attached to a shirt?).

Here are my fave flowers thus far:

I believe these are daisies and calla lilies. I think they both should be in season and I think they might not be too expensive:

I think these are calla lilies again. I think I'd prefer a mix of white and yellow though. And maybe just straight white for the bridesmaids:

This little baby is the best bouquet in the whole wide world. I have no idea what type of flower it is though. Any ideas?


  1. I'm going for yellow flowers too! My first thought for those last flowers was that they were dahlias, but my flower knowledge is extremely limited. Love the look of it though, I think having all the same flower makes it simple but dramatic.

  2. Ohhh.. I googled dahlias and I think that you are right. Thank you!