Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hair & Make-up Trial!

I loved my hair trial! I ended up getting one of the styles that I previously posted as a possibility for bridesmaids hair. Because of the length of my hair, the side 'bun' wasn't as full as what I wanted but the hair dresser reckons I'll gain another few inches length by November and this will make it nice and full. Kudos to Alana Vassallo for her wonderful work!

I also had a make up trial on the same day. At first I was horrified but as I got used to looking at myself with make up on I started to warm to it. I'm still not 100% sure. I have some night photos where I think it looks really good but all our pro photos and the ceremony will be done during daylight. I also felt my eyes looked a little flat but she showed me with some fake eyelashes (not on in the pictures) and I think it made it look a lot better.
All of the below photos are taken in natural night. I would really love some honest opinions on the make up!


  1. You look lovely - not too much at all! I think you should definitely do the falsies, they will really make your eyes pop :) And your hair is gorgeous! such a great style!

  2. Love your hair. I think just go with what you are comfortable with. If you don't feel like yourself with the way your make-up has been done, change it.

  3. I think it all looks beautiful! Your eyes seem to come out more in the indoor photos than the last one, so maybe just a bit stronger with those?