Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yummy Scrummy Cake

We were originally going to do our own wedding cake because we both love baking and decorating cakes. How awesome would it be to say 'yeah, that's our work' when someone commented on your kick arse wedding cake?!?

Sadly we have decided that it could be a bit too much stress to do our own though. We could easily pre-bake the actual cakes and freeze them (they keep well), but we'd have to do the decorating the couple of days or the day before (and cake decorating is no easy task... it takes aggges if you're not doing a rough job) and then deliver it to the reception venue on the day ourselves.There's just too much room for it all to go wrong in my opinion... even if we didn't stuff the decorating, I'm sure whichever one of us delivered it would either take a corner too fast (resulting in people having to take their spoon out to the car if they wanted dessert), or we would drop it on the way in... because we are like that.. we are clumsy people.

So now here we are getting cake quotes... I actually don't mind letting someone do it that much. They will (in theory) do a much better job... and it's their problem if it lands on the ground during delivery!
After a bit of googling we found what we wanted. I'm so glad we agreed on something so easily! Ours will be a bit different to the picture below. Ours will have yellow instead of red and will be only 2-3 tiers. We will also obviously have a different cake topper.

 Do you love it? I do! :p

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  1. So pretty! I think it will look even better in yellow, the effect of the hearts will be softened nicely.