Sunday, April 4, 2010

Too Cute!

"Too cute". I never thought I would say that about a cake topper but hell, this wedding planning has had me getting excited about things I never would have cared about in the past - fabric, flowers... make-up.
We haven't actually even got cake quotes yet so a cake topper is miles down on the to-do list but started looking at them after me lovely fiancé asked me the other day how much a cake topper that we saw at an expo cost. I love that he has something in mind that he wants and so we'll probably just go with that... but I still had to have a bit of a google and a look on Etsy to see what was out there.
Here are four of my favourites (including the one from the expo - bottom left hand corner).

Top left: Made by Etsy seller, maderasytrapos.
Top right: Every cake topper store seems to sell this one. I just like it because my fiancé rides a motorbike.
Bottom left: From minikinmania. You send them a photo and they put your faces on the cake topper.
Bottom right: Made by qtiff, another Etsy seller. This one is way too expensive for us but still adorable and worth sharing.

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