Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, the weekend just gone was the weekend that we wanted to get our wedding invites out by. It was also the weekend that we finally got around to doing a mock-up invite. Even though we've completely missed the 'invites go out' date that we set ourselves, I'm counting it as a win.

 It took us so long to finally do this mock-up. I spent an entire f-ing day looking at fonts... fonts! Seriously... why has a wedding turned me into an insane 'must find perfect font or the world will end person'? Then there was the time spent trying to find a nice yellow paper for the outer pocket-fold.. which we just ended up making white anyhow. There was even a moment where I considered trying to convince Justin that paying $5-10 per invite to get someone else to do it for us would be worthwhile.  But then, like magic, it suddenly worked. I am in love with them. They might not be up to the DIY standards of the DIY goddesses out there, but for two people that quite clearly don't understand the concept of a colour scheme (you'd agree if you saw our house), I am damn impressed.

Ignoring the smudged stamp (whooops), the poor grammar on the 'gifts' card (which my lovely maid of honour thankfully picked up on) and the way too long ribbon, what do you think?


  1. Well done, they look awesome! Are you making the pocketfolds yourself? That's pretty damn impressive, not sure I'd have the patience to go to the effort you have!

  2. Yeah, we are making them ourselves. I'm sure we'll regret it by the time we've done 50 of them!

  3. Wow, Amy, they look fantastic! I love the colours, and the design - well done! :D

  4. I really love those invites! I definitely think you are your own worst judge.