Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Pinwheels scream fun right?

I think they do, and that is why we are going to line our aisle with them! As we aren't having many chairs, and I'm not into the whole red carpet thing,  we were a bit stuck for a while on how to create an aisle. It actually hit me one day while I was searching for cake toppers and came across an Etsy store that had mini pinwheels for the tops of cupcakes (which by the way, is a totally awesome idea and I may have to do next time I make cupcakes).

I've found a whole pile of scrapbooking paper in our wedding colours and got some dowel from Bunnings, so making them should be a super simple task to do. All we have to do it a little bit of assembly and voilà, we have an aisle! Maybe we can even take a few up to the reception for photobooth props!

Only bummer is that I don't think there will be any children at our ceremony  :(
Hope the young at heart appreciate them!

Any ideas for any post ceremony uses for the pinwheels, other than photobooth props? Would hate to let them go to waste.


  1. I love pinwheels! Will they spin? Maybe they could be incorporated into centerpieces?

  2. We'll make them so that they can spin. Don't think they will though unless it's one hell of a windy day. Especially because they'll be quite heavy - we're making them out of 12x12 scrapbook paper!
    Hmm.. I like the idea of incorporating them into the centrepieces. They might be a bit big though...

  3. Bonbonnieres!!

    (well, I know I would keep mine :P)