Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Terrible Realisation

I have just come to a dreadful realisation – I don’t think I can wear a veil for the wedding :’(

My dress is being made by my soon to be mother in law and is inspired by the very beautiful ‘Maya’ wedding dress pictured below. I’m hoping also to team this with a yellow bow around my waist and yellow shoes.

The thing is I just don’t know if I could pull off a veil with this dress which has me a little heart-broken because since we started planning I’ve always just assumed I’d have a lovely flowing veil.

I guess on the upside though I’ll get to wear a funky polka dot dress – I think that wins over a veil any day!


  1. Maybe you could do a shorter veil?

    I don't want to wear a veil with my dress for the Irish wedding, so I got a headpiece with a flower and a little bit of tulle which makes it a bit 'bridey'.

    I'm sure you'll find something you love!

  2. Oh! This is the exact dress I'm inspired by (except I want it without the polka dots). It's gorgeous! I'm intending to have a birdcage veil with it - not the same as a long flowing one, but it can still be bridey (just with more sass!).

  3. Hey, did you find polka dot material?

  4. Not yet. I must have tried every fabric store in Perth now but no polka dot organza. Kristy is having a look in Sydney for me too.. hopefully she'll have more luck. At the moment we're working on doing a DIY job.. it actually looks quite good but having a bit of trouble getting the polka dots to stay on!